Looking to Sell?

Maas is a Full Service Marketing Company

Whether you have one piece of equipment, an entire plant facility, large or small real estate projects or specialized assets, Maas Companies has the experience you need.

We have a team of consultants and engineers with world-wide credentials for the industries in which we are marketing. Therefore, our clientele is also international in profile and we can service multiple industries.

Maas Companies does not own any equipment nor does the company buy and sell real estate or special assets; we work as commission agents only. (As a commission agent, Maas has no conflict of interest in the selling of any equipment, real estate, or special assets.)

Our staff will personally oversee every aspect of a sale project from beginning to end, to make sure that all marketing is performed to its fullest extent. Further, Maas staff will arrange and coordinate any additional services deemed necessary for the success of a project, such as rigging, demolition, real estate services, appraisal services and such.

Therefore, we are a “hands-on” company and work closely with our client giving them a “turn-key” liquidation program with service & customer satisfaction as our goals.

Our team of Consultants and Auctioneers has the combined experience of successfully selling thousands of parcels of Real Estate at Auction throughout all North America.

Find out why Maas Companies is your company of choice when it comes to converting your assets to cash.

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