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Anaerobic Digester Biogas Production & Gas Conditioning Facility on 72.59± acres

7.5 Million Gallon Capacity
Built in 2007 for $26 Million

Selling in Tracts or as Entirety

Plant Summary: The Huckabay Ridge Facility was built in 2007 for $26 Million and reached full capacity in 2008. It is one of the largest anaerobic digestion facilities in North America with 8 digester tanks, each with a capacity of 916,000 gallons, to produce 650,000,000 Btu of Natural Gas Annually, or the Equivalent of 4,500,000 Gallons of Oil. The plant converts manure and organics into methane-rich biogas through the process of anaerobic digestion. The facility also serves as a gas treating plant, which upgrades the biogas to pipeline quality. Huckabay Ridge provides natural gas, renewable power, and reduces greenhouse gases. This facility offers an excellent opportunity for a new owner!

Reason for Sale: EM Biogas, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Element Markets, LLC, acquired the Huckabay Ridge facility in November of 2010 and allocated over $26 Million to the facility’s equipment and infrastructure. This acquisition was part of the Company’s broader strategy to own assets to support its biomethane marketing business. The owner is now offering the facility for sale because Element Markets has refocused its portfolio exclusively on landfill gas biomethane assets.

Process: Manure and substrate (glycerin, grease trap and other organic waste) is turned into biomethane (methane, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide) and fertilizer through microbial co-digestion. The substrate provides most of the carbon needed for biomethane production, while the manure provides pH, alkalinity and buffer capacity to maintain biological stability during the multi-stage digestion process. Once digestion is complete, the resulting biomethane is piped to an onsite processing plant where carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and water are removed. The end product is clean, high-quality renewable natural gas, which is piped to an intrastate pipeline where it is sold and delivered to a large California utility.

Huckabay Ridge processes about 12,500 tons of manure and 14,600,000 gallons of substrate per year – waste that would otherwise be dumped in unsustainable destinations such as landfills. Through sustainable use of the waste, the facility reduces greenhouse gas emissions, minimizes adverse impacts to local watersheds, and produces liquid and solid fertilizer to promote crop growth.

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Confidentiality Agreement

Tract 1: Real Estate
72.59± Acres with 3 Ponds and Shop/Maintenance/Lab Building

Tract 2: Process Equipment
Multi-Digester Biogas Production and Gas Conditioning Equipment
Tract 2 includes Lots 10 - 63 as detailed in the catalog.

Tract 3: Entirety Purchase of Tracts 1 & 2

Will sell whichever way brings the highest dollar.

Lots 64 - 93 To Be Sold Piecemeal Following Tracts 1-3.

The Bidder Kit is now available. This document contains the complete terms and conditions of the sale, the earnest money contract and documents to aid you in your due diligence.

Auction will be held at the Hampton Inn, 910 S. Harbin Dr., Stephenville, TX

Tuesday, October 29 • 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Wednesday, November 20 • 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Thursday, November 21 • 8:00 am to 10:00 am
Other Times by Appointment

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Payment Information

10% Buyer’s Premium. Persons must show $50,000 Certified Deposit at time of registration to obtain a bidding number. $50,000 Minimum Certified Deposit due on day of Sale, with a deposit equal to 20% due within 2 business days, and balance due at closing within 30 days. The Deposit money shall become Earnest Money and is non-refundable. Wade Williams, Law Offices of Wade Williams is handling the closing.

10% Buyer’s Premium. 13% Internet Buyer’s Premium. All funds due and payable on day of sale via cash, wire transfer (posting within 24 hours) or certified check payable to EM Biogas. No equipment can be removed from the site without full payment. Sales tax may apply. Buyers with exemption status must document this AT OR BEFORE REGISTRATION by submitting the applicable page of this Exemption Form to Maas Companies.

Small items must be removed within 7 days or are subject to forfeiture. Larger items require a rigging commitment within 7 days. Items left longer than 45 days are subject to forfeiture. Removal, packaging and transportation costs are the responsibility of buyer. All sales are final.

Full Terms

See Bidder Kit for complete terms. Real Estate & Equipment is selling AS-IS, WHERE IS WITH NO WARRANTIES OR GUARANTIES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED; Terms of Sale and Sale Transaction Subject to Owner Approval; Subject to Prior Sale.

In all transactions, Auctioneer is acting as an Agent for the Seller. Buyers are urged to inspect items prior to purchase. Seller and Auctioneer are not responsible for items. All information received from reliable sources believed to be correct but not guaranteed by the Auction Company. Any announcement made at the auction takes precedence over any material published about this event. In the event of a dispute, Auctioneer has final decision. Valid Government Issued Photo ID required to obtain bidding number.

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