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1,000,000± gallons per year
Batch-Process B100 Biodiesel Equipment

The Equipment Has Now been Declared Surplus and Must Be SOLD!

Piecemeal Bidding ends Thursday, December 3rd at 4:00 pm EST

Entirety Bidding ends Friday, December 4th at 4:00 pm. EST

Biodiesel One Ltd. Was the Second Commercial Biodiesel Production Facility in the State of Connecticut When it Started in 2007. The Plant Used Mainly Used Cooking Oil Collected from Connecticut Restaurants for Feedstock in a Batch Water Wash Process to Produce ASTM D 6751 B100 Fuel Grade Biodiesel. The Fuel was Sold Locally Primarily as a Direct Replacement for #2 Heating Oil. It’s Most Unique Customer was the United States Coast Guard.

The equipment will be sold piecemeal or as a package. The piecemeal bids will be accepted until December 3rd at 4:00 pm EST. The piecemeal bids will then be added together to make the opening bid for the entirety package. The bidding for the entirety package will close on December 4th at 4:00 pm EST. The equipment will sell based on which method produces the highest price.

Biodiesel Process Equipment Partial Listing

PROCESSING EQUIPMENT: Three Carbon Steel 5,000 gal. tanks; Rosedale Products Inc. Filter and Wilden Diaphragm pump; Three Hayward Filters and Wilden Diaphragm pumps; two 120 gal. vertical Stainless Steel tanks; Distillation Vacuum; 200 gal. Stainless Steel tank; two Buckeye Fabricating Company Reactors and Centrifugal pumps with 808 gal. tanks containing Chromalox Immersion Heaters; four Westfalia Separators; two O. G. Kelley & Co. Glycerin 50 gal. Pump-out tanks; G & H Pumps Inc. Glycerin pump; two United Utensils Inc. Stainless Steel tanks; four Designs That Work 944 gal. Wash tanks; two Steel Controller boxes; two O. G. Kelley Co. Inc. 130 gal. Stainless Steel Pump-out tanks; two 1,500 gal. Drying Tanks with pumps; Custom designed and fabricated mezzanine/stairways including stairs, deck flooring and hand safety rails; three 300 gal. Snyder Polyethylene tanks; three Ace Roto Mold 165 gal. Polyethylene tanks with two 55 gal. Polyethylene barrels; 500 gal. Stainless Steel Water tank with Wilden pump containing a Plate Coil Heater; one Polyethylene tank with filter, meter contacts and pump; assorted piping of stainless steel and carbon steel; 146 gal. Fuel Storage tank; G & H, Wilden and Reitschie pumps; Custom designed and fabricated Bag-type Filter; Veeder-Root Liquid Totalizer; Crown Tank Corp. 300 gal. Air Receiver tank; Fabrication Materials Inc. 429 gal. Carbon Steel tank, Plate-type Heat Exchanger; 8,500 gal. Carbon Steel tank; two 600 gal. Polyethylene tanks, three intermediate Bulk Containers; Mezzanine with stairway and canopy; Meyers® Float Pro Simplex Float Controller; 10,000 gal. single wall jacketed Fuel tank; two 14,688 gal. Carbon Steel Fuel tanks; Fuel Transfer Unit which includes a Blackmer pump, Smith Electric motor and an Equipment Spec. Co. powered hose reel assembly.

PROCESS SUPPORT EQUIPMENT: Weil-McLain Boiler, steam and hot water, 3,270,000 BTU/Hr.; two 330 gal. Upright Oval Fuel Oil tanks; two vertical in-line Centrifugal Pumps with motors; Champion Air Compressor HR10-12 powered by a 10 h.p. Dayton motor mounted on a 120 gal. horizontal air receiver tank; Assorted equipment which includes a Yardman Snow Blower, hoses, Rubbermaid Mop bucket and mop squeegee, equipment parts, pump parts, metal storage shelf, and various other items; Waste Vegetable Oil Collection drums, five 55 gal. drums, 329 gal. Polyethylene tank; Pittsburg Automotive 1-ton floor-type, folding, portable Engine Crane.

LAB ROOM: Air Lock™ Enclosure Systems Clean Room System consisting of twenty-six 4’ x 8’ sections; Hamilton Fume Hood SafeAir® with glass front door, controls and storage compartment; lab room furnishings which include sink, water spouts and storage cabinets; 30 in. x 30 in. wall mounted Drying Board; assorted tools and wrenches, clamps, clear plastic hose sections, twist drill bits and fish tape; Neslab Instruments Inc. Hot Water Bath, Desiccant Dryer Cabinet; Damon-EC Division Lab Centrifuge; VWR Brand by Revco refrigerator/freezer; Milton Roy Dosing Pump; Brookfield Engineering Sales Inc. RV Spindle Sets for Viscometer/ Viscosity Meter; Fisher Scientific Touch Mixer; Lab-Line® Lab pump; Fisher Scientific Isotemp Hot Plate; BBI Source Scientific Total Glycerin Petroleum Tester; Seiko Thermal Printer DPU-414; Barnstead/Thermolyne Top Stirring Hot Plate; Ohaus Scales; Bio Rad Spectroscopic Microscope UMA-500; assorted lab supplies of consumables, beakers, flasks, cusps, test tubes, dosing pumps; 10 gal. Hazardous Waste can; two Bradley Emergency Safety Stations with overhead shower head and eye wash nozzles; two Hitachi X200 electrical Control Panels; five Hitachi L200 electrical Control Panels; two General Electric A Series Panel boards, General Electric Type QL 25.0 KVA Transformer.

To receive technical information about some of the equipment, please complete and return this release.

Thursday, November 19 • 10 am to 2 pm
Wednesday, December 2 • 10 am to 2 pm
Other Times by Appointment

The seller will remove a portion of wall to aid in the removal of equipment from the facility. All items require a rigging commitment within 7 days. The equipment must be removed within 45 days of the auction. Small Items must be removed within 10 days.

Buyers are allowed to use the rigging company of their choosing, provided the vendor can supply adequate liability and insurance documentation to the seller. All buyers are responsible to make removal and rigging arrangements; removal, packaging and transportation costs are the responsibility of buyer. Buyers are responsible for any damage caused to the building or any equipment during removal. Buyers are responsible for making the building weather tight where items removed had penetrated walls/roofs. Buyer will be required to remove all items, items not removed will be subject to storage/removal/disposal costs for which the buyer will be billed.

Payment Information

13% Buyer Premium. All funds due and payable on day of sale via cash or wire transfer (posting within 24 hours). No equipment can be removed from the site without full payment. Sales tax may apply. Buyers with exemption status must document this AT OR BEFORE REGISTRATION.

Full Terms


All items require a rigging commitment within 7 days; Small items must be removed within 10 days. All equipment must be removed within 45 days. All buyers are responsible to make removal and rigging arrangements; removal, packaging and transportation costs are the responsibility of buyer. All sales final. Subject to Prior Sale.

In all transactions, Auctioneer is acting as an Agent for the Seller. Buyers are urged to inspect items prior to purchase. Seller and Auctioneer are not responsible for items. All information received from reliable sources believed to be correct but not guaranteed by the Auction Company. Any announcement made at the auction takes precedence over any material published about this event. In the event of a dispute, Auctioneer has final decision. Valid Government Issued Photo ID required to obtain bidding number.