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Sheriff’s Foreclosure Sale
Sunflower / Wild Bird Feed Processing & Bagging Facility
on 10 Acres
Lot Number: 32
Quantity: 1

Item Name: Reciprocating Air Compressor

Manufacturer: INGERSOLL RAND
Model Number: 2545E10460 / 3 / 6
Serial Number:
Description: Powered by 10 hp Electric Induction Motor, Mounted on 200 gal (est) Horizontal Air Receiver Tank. The Air Compressor and Air Receiver Tank are mounted on the Frame by 4- Vibration Dampening Pads. (NOTE: Both Air Compressor Units are Mounted in a Dual, Vertically Stacked, Steel Frame, 10 ft 6 in high x 3 ft dia x 6 ft 6 in wide (approx) OAD. If Lots 31 & 32 sell to different Buyers, Lot 31 is to be removed from the Frame and the Frame is to go with the purchase of the Compressor listed in Lot 32.)